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Robert Svilpa - The Sound Of Thoughts

The Sound Of Thoughts - Robert SvilpaHaving received this CD many months ago, I dare not think what sound the thoughts of composer/multi-instrumentalist Robert Svilpa may have in relation to yours truly.  In a way it has been like a long term test only for music rather than automobiles.  The good news is it has come through as good as new and all intact.

The Sound Of Thoughts is an eclectic mix of styles and influences from out and out classic prog to 'lounge' jazz.  Everyone will hear and recognise a brief section of King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man but I think that it will depend on the listener's personal tastes on what other sounds are attributed to.  I can hear dollops of Floyd, Camel, Genesis, Tull, Zeppelin at their proggiest and ELP to name but a few.  However, this does not mean that the music sounds old fashioned.  It doesn't.

Robert's soundscapes could easily form part of soundtracks for the moving image and I am almost inspired to work on a storyboard to fit in with the music, if only I had the time and the skills. 

If you have experienced ups and downs in life you will have had moments of contemplation of events and things that have been said, good and bad.  The lyrics to The Sound Of Thoughts reflect a typical contemplation and, such is life, concentrate a tad more on the downers though this does not make for a depressive album.  Pentelho Vermelho is a brilliant piece of classic prog, which if it doesn't get your head nodding and feet tapping even slightly must mean that you lack soul.

There are a few album highlights, and again these will depend on personal tastes.  I have grown to love the 19-minute Lady in A Cage which has, for one of the seven sections, a Middle Eastern Zeppelin Kashmir feel, but as a track may take a few listens to appreciate.

Robert (vocals, keyboards, guitar, bass) is assisted on this album by a number of other musicians covering drums, Chapman stick and addition keyboards, guitar and bass on individual tracks.

The Sound Of Thoughts is a good album and one well worth getting.  And at the time of writing, CD Baby is offering it at a ridiculously low price so what better time than now.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Robert Svilpa

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