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Welcome to The Hairless Heart Herald.

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30th October 2009 - Further computer problems (failing hard drive, motherboard and DVD ROM) will mean that news and other updates are likely to be on hold until we can source a new PC. Sincere apologies to all concerned.


We aim to provide news, reviews and gig information on that oft derided music genre, Progressive Rock, Prog Rock, Art Rock, Jazz Rock or whatever.  The music reviewed includes that by new names and the well known, and we hope you will find it both or either entertaining or informative.  If not, we apologise profusely, but as no money has changed hands, no refund can be offered.

Whilst every care is taken when we provide links, we cannot accept any responsibility for the content of external websites.

Last Updated 30-10-2009 (see 'What's New' for details)

Latest reviews are listed in the Reviews section.  See below for a list of forthcoming reviews.

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