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IQ At 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 16th October, 2004

After the first show in the UK on this part of the Dark Matter tour, IQ again descended to the venue where the Subterranea DVD was filmed, and at this show, the new IQ20 DVD (see review) was available for the first time. Venue wise, the 013 is a terrific venue, and if you can't see the stage from any part inside, you must be the size of a ant!

Shortly after 8pm, the lights went dim and the intro music started, Martin Orford appeared onstage and took his position behind his arsenal of keyboards. The rest came into view minus Peter Nicholls, then Martin hit the opening chords to Sacred Sound.

This venue has a big stage, and with IQ having played on all shapes and sizes, I feel a big stage helps the band out as Peter and John Jowitt can be very mobile on it.

The three screens behind the band were visible from every point as many Dark Matter album images were shown, but for lighting effects, Red Dust Shadow took the cream.

Performing an identical set to the Bury show two weeks previous, the band were on top form playing songs old and new. It All Stops Here was a crowd favourite here with many people moving around. The evergreen Mike Holmes just played his guitar and smiled all night at the crowd, and John again was the adrenaline monster by getting the punters to clap along.

Paul Cook was again solid in his performance, but his drumming for me stood out on Harvest Of Souls. Highlight of the night again for me was Seventh House with the war images on the screens, yes, this is a moving song and it sends a message to the highest places in your mind.

Encores were Awake And Nervous and The Wake, the latter had everyone band members included jumping up and down, and the end of night soon appeared. .To sum this performance up, it was a good night all round, and a large crowd presence put the whole show among one of their best. (See photo gallery below.)
Danny Mayo


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