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Lehle Switchers

16th February 2004

Foot switches and stomp boxes are an integral part of a lot of guitar rigs, and it is worth remembering that something as simple as an A/B box can bring your whole setup undone if it breaks down during a performance or session.  For this reason, the new range of footswitches from Lehle is worth looking at.

All Lehle switchers are hand made in Germany from the highest quality components, with that meticulous German attention to detail.  The housings are solid metal, the switches themselves are of simple yet ingenious design, and the units are totally transparent, offering no tonal colouration whatsoever.  This means that if you've just sold a kidney to buy that monster amp rig, you won't have to worry about your foot switches getting in the way of the sound you just lightened your body for.

The Lehle Dual switcher is a simple A/B box, allowing you to switch between two amps, or drive them simultaneously.  The signal is routed with no semiconductors and no corruption to Output A or B (no tonal colouration - see?).  All relays are gold-coated, giving maximum connection quality, and individual trim pots allow fine adjustment of the A and B outputs.  The virtually indestructible switching system guarantees no breakdowns in that department, and the power input is buffered with an automatic cutout in case of a short circuit.  Very impressive specs for an A/B box!

The Lehle 1@3 switcher enables you to switch between amps (again via gold-plated relays) as well as enable an effects loop. The signal is routed with no semiconductors and no corruption to Output A, B or C.  The same solid switching system applies to all units, and the magnifying lens over each LED enables them to be seen, even on a fully lit stage.  Performers will appreciate this point.

The Lehle 1@3 requires a power supply of between 8 and 20 V. Polarity is of no importance. The supply voltage is internally rectified and stabilized in order to guarantee trouble-free operation. A thermal cutout automatically trips and switches the unit off if a short-circuit occurs.  A correctly fitting plug connector for the power-supply socket of the Lehle 1@3 is supplied. This can be soldered to the required power unit if necessary.

The Lehle 3@1 enables you to switch between a range of instruments in stereo to one amp. The signal is routed transparently via Inputs A, B or C to the outputs.  For running multiple instruments without having to unplug leads and make a horrible noise, this unit is exactly what you need.

Volume on Inputs B and C can be adjusted by means of trimpots. It is necessary to remove the housing cover using its four screws in order to set the potentiometers the first time. The potentiometers are located at the same level as their inputs. Once set to suit your instruments, no further adjustment is necessary, unless you reassign the inputs.

All of the Lehle units are 5.75" wide x 4" deep x 1.25" high, and carry a twelve-month warranty.

For more info, visit the Energy and Automation website:

Graham Greene


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