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Welcome Message From Graham

3rd April 2003

Greetings, HHH readers, and welcome to Behind The Scenes! Here in my little corner of The Herald, I will be endeavouring to shed some light on the goings-on behind that which is visible and audible to the music public - the gigs, video clips and albums.

Like almost any media project or event, there is a lot that goes unseen and unheard (sometimes fortunately so!), from planning and pre-production to the last minute dramas, emergencies and Acts Of God that crop up from time to time.  Having been in the music industry for nigh on quarter of a century, I have seen my share of bloopers, blunders, disasters, and hilarity. I have also witnessed moments of sheer brilliance, inspirational creativity and musical majesty, such is the nature of this strange creature we call 'showbiz'.

As well as sharing anecdotes from the road, I will be outlining what is involved in putting on those concerts, recording those albums, and filming those videos. If there is a particular facet of the music game that you would like to know more about, please feel free to drop me an email here at the Hairless Heart Herald, and I will answer your question in Behind The Scenes. 

As I sign off and prepare for my first full BTS instalment, I should thank Jem, Danny and Chris for their kindness and hospitality in opening their website, fridge and cupboard doors to me. - They even got some Vegemite in, especially for me! Warm and wonderful human beings, they are! (Actually Graham, itís Marmite mate! - Jem)

Until next time, peace to you all.

Graham Greene


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