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YES - YesSpeak/Yes Acoustic DVD 35th Anniversary Edition

YES - YesSpeak/Yes Acoustic DVD 35th Anniversary Edition2005 see the YES documentary YesSpeak and YES Acoustic DVDs combined in a single package on one disc under the 35th Anniversary banner.

The combination makes a lot of sense as I have read a few stories by fans of some disappointment in finding that YesSpeak was basically a documentary interspersed with some live footage but not as much of the latter as expected.

The original YesSpeak DVD includes a second disc incorporating full length audio of the live performance but that second disc is not included here.  Also, the documentary on the 35th Edition is the 75 minute cinema release version, which, nevertheless, is very entertaining and informative.

The YES Acoustic section is as the original version of the band performing an acoustic set of some longstanding favourites from the YES archives but in a semi 'jazz club' mode.  Like the original, the disc also includes the pre-rehearsal 'rockumentary' amusingly narrated by Rick Wakeman.

Also included are the versions of trailers for YESSpeak and YES Acoustic as they were aired in the USA

Technical Aspects

Sound and picture quality is, as would be expected, A1  with a choice of DTS, Dolby 5.1 or stereo, DTS, for those with the necessary equipment, being our recommendation.  There have been criticisms regarding the documentary in the way it has been shot and edited, but you can't please everybody all of the time.  It works and it is entertaining and that is the important thing.

Package Features

The menu sections are very easy to navigate with the usual options.  Before selecting ‘play’ on the DVD, be sure to move across to the audio option to choose either Dolby 5.1, stereo or DTS. 

The DVD is multi region 16:9 (widescreen), and plays on all NTSC and PAL players according to the sleeve. Cat No:  DVD8050X and is available now. 


Watching this footage again for the first time in 12 months had me hooked once again.  As Jon Anderson rightly states, "They (the audience) want to be (entertained and) captured and taken on a journey - we can do that."  

Jem Jedrzejewski

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