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The Tiger Journals
#3: Worse than Christmas

20th November 2004

You know that feeling at Christmas time, when the day is almost upon you and you haven’t even started the Chrissy shopping yet? That ‘rabbit in the headlights’ sort of feeling can happen in the last week before a big event, too. All of a sudden, the sleeps are being counted in single digits, and reality bites.

….This is really happening, isn’t it?

The week leading up to the reunion shows is a headlong dash into bedlam. Of course, there are last minute setbacks with equipment transport, delays with printing, and all the little hiccups that we band members leave up to the admin people to freak out over. We, of course, have our own set of fears and insecurities to overcome before show time.  James (our drummer) flies in from the other side of the continent on Sunday the 21st of November.  We hit the rehearsal studio on the Monday for six hours to run the sets, iron out any obvious bugs, and squeeze in a quick photo shoot. The rhythm section (James and Don on drums and bass, respectively) then spend Tuesday ironing out grooves and fills while the rest of us review our own parts. Yes, we are that picky!  Wednesday sees the stage gear and extra production being loaded in to the venue, where we proceed with dress rehearsals and more photos. Thursday sees more of the same, with production being fine tuned for both the show and the live recording.

Tons of very expensive equipment and a lot of very talented people will be working like a well-oiled machine to make all the right things happen at just the right time from now right up until we walk out on stage. This will be my last journal entry before the gigs. Wish me luck.

See you for the post mortem!




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