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ReGenesis, Robin 2, Bilston, 13th October 2005

ReGenesis commenced their current tour at the Robin, and following on from previous themed tours (The Lamb, Selling England) this was no exception, being the 28th anniversary of Seconds Out.

Squonk opened the set, which took a few by surprise who didn't know the theme of the evening, and were expecting Watcher of the Skies. Those who hold no truck with Phil Collins era Genesis were in for a shock as, following on from The Carpet Crawl, the band ripped through Robbery, Assault & Battery, and a damned fine version it was too. The observant, or sober, members of the audience
couldn't help but notice that two drum kits were on stage, and band regular Nigel Appleton was joined by the man who has swapped stools with him in previous ReGenesis incarnations, Jamie Fisher. Thus we were treated to an aural assault & battery, when they did their Phil 'n' Chester bits. First gig of the tour? you couldn't tell; they were very, very tight indeed.

A peek at the set list seemed to indicate an intermission was going to be taken, but no - the band ploughed right through the entire Seconds Out set, including superb versions of Supper's Ready and Cinema Show. Even though this was a reproduction of a Collins era concert, the Gabriel material was performed in the Gabriel style complete, of course, with the obligatory masks.

So, two and a quarter hours and two encores later (Hogweed and The Knife), it was all over, and I'm left thinking - what's the next theme lads? How's about a set comprising mainly of those your audience shout for but seldom hear? Harold the Barrel, Can Utility & the Coastliners, Twilight Alehouse? Whatever, I'll be there as long as you don't stray beyond Wind & Wuthering!!!

Now, which tune was it that I couldn't get out of my head for several days after the gig? Robbery, Assault & Battery! Who'd have thought it?

Graham Hunt


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