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Progeny 3 - Is it?  Isn't It?

27th September 2005

It appears that this year's Progeny at the Mean Fiddler is down to one day, Sunday 20th 2005 (Saturday 19th November has been cancelled).  Exactly who is playing appears to be changing constantly but we believe that Caravan, Landmarq and Galahad are still on the bill.

We recommend that those wishing to attend contact the Mean Fiddler for further information.  Hopefully, future Progenys will be adequately advertised as any information about this year's event is thin on the ground.

The Great Flag Unfurling

20th September 2005

The international art and music and charity benefit event known as The Great Flag Unfurling takes place from 30th September to 2nd October 2005 at Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre, Thornhaugh, Peterborough, England.  Among the bands performing at the event is The Pocket Gods (30th Sept 8:15 - 9:15pm).  See  for the full line-up and other information about the event.

The Blagger's Guide To Prog

18th September 2005

For those in the UK who missed  BBC Radio 2's tongue in cheek broadcast on Saturday, The Blagger's Guide To Prog can be heard by going to and selecting 'Listen Again' and then 'Blagger's Guide'.

The Pocket Gods New Track And Website

18th September 2005

The Pocket Gods have a new website at  the 'Gods' have a new track out called Sussex, which is apparently being used by sports company O'Neill's for one of their campaigns (go to to listen to the track).

In The Cage At Dutch Genesis Convention

18th September 2005

UK band, Genesis in the Cage, will be headlining at the forthcoming Dutch Genesis Convention in Zoetermeer on 11th December 2005. For further details see,507,eve10000773,html and

Camel Footage II DVD Due Next Month

15th September 2005

The second Camel Footage DVD of archive material is due for release on 10th October 2005.  Featuring 80 minutes of classic sounds and memories from 1973 to 2003, including Never Let Go from the Sight And Sounds sessions back in 1977, the DVD will be region free but in NTSC format only (which is playable on most UK PAL machines and TVs).

KingBathmat Gig

15th September 2005

KingBathmat will be playing at "The Dead Goblin Club" beneath the White Rock Hotel Hastings, East Sussex on Friday 16th September, we will be playing on stage at 10pm - 10.45pm. There will be two other bands playing and it is £2 on the door.  Bargain.

More Hatfield Dates

8th September 2005

Contrary to our previous report, Hatfield And The North will not be appearing at this year's Progeny.  The good news is that the merry quartet will be playing a number of gigs as follows:

September 25 ~ UK, Wolverhampton : Robin 2. Telephone: 01902 497860

October 1 ~ Japan, Tokyo : Club Citta.
October 2 ~ Japan, Tokyo : Club Citta.
Tel +81(0)44-244-7888 Fax+81(0)442118736

October 10 ~ UK, Milton Keynes : The Stables. Telephone: 01908 280814
October 12 ~ UK, Southampton : The Brook Telephone: 01703 555 366
October 15 ~ UK, London : The Borderline Telephone: 020 7287 1441
October 19 ~ UK, Glasgow : The Renfrewshire Ferry Telephone: 0141 429 1010
October 21 ~ UK, Swindon : The Arts Centre Telephone: 01793 466565

The band will also be performing at Baja Prog next year.

Richard Sinclair is playing OSLOPROG05 with Panzerpappa, September 17th Amatøren at Sogn studenttown, Oslo, Norway.

Hairless Heart Herald Update

8th September 2005

The gremlins have been at it again and our main computer is still out of action. It seems that a backdoor Trojan slipped through our multitude of security programmes, which were unaware of the culprit at the time.  A lot of work is required to get things up and running again but we will try and provide News and Review updates in the meantime.  Due to the limitations of our temporary system, the Gigs section will not be updated for the time being but we will bring news of those important date in the News section.

Synthesiser Pioneer Dies

23rd August 2005

Dr Robert (Bob) Moog passed away on 21st August at the age of 71.  Bob had been suffering with brain cancer for the last four months.  His instruments pretty much defined the sound of progressive rock in the early days and in these days of digital sequencers and samplers, many musicians and music fans still relish the sound of the analogue Moogs.  Anyone wishing to express their sympathies with Bob's family can do so at bobmoog.

Rick Wakeman - Made In Cuba

16th August 2005

In April 2005, invited by the Ministry of Culture, the Cuban Music Institute and the Swiss foundation, “Association Friends of Cuba” – Rock Keyboard legend Rick Wakeman travelled to Havana, to perform a series of concerts that will forever be recognised internationally as an enormous event for the Cuban people, and a historic moment marked by the importance of one of the first and largest official Rock concerts ever to be performed on the Island.

The trip was initiated by the Swiss-Cuban solidarity group, which supports and sponsors a hospital in Havana specifically for children with cancer.  With the intention of raising awareness for the charity Rick was happy to help in any way he could before continuing his tour to Mexico and Costa Rica.

This DVD captures the spectacular performances along with a documentary on this momentous event which will undoubtedly be worthy of an entry in the chronicles of rock music history, we are told. 

Made in Cuba, the DVD will present Rick Wakeman with his band the English Rock Ensemble performing to a 5,000 capacity crowd live at the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana, Cuba.

Wakeman devoted most of the concert to classic tunes from the 1970s, including songs from his The Six Wives of Henry VIII (’73), Journey to the Centre of the Earth (’74) and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (75) albums, plus a recent stage favourite from the Out There album called Cathedral of the Sky and the YES classics Starship Trooper and Wurm.

The DVD is released on 5th September 2005.  &

Johnny Poindexter Go Live

16th August 2005

One of West Yorkshire's fine young bands, Johnny Poindexter, performed their first gig last week, and very well it went too.  The band are now gathering dates faster than a non-rolling stone gathers moss (poor analogy I know, but it is very late) and have announced the forthcoming gigs in the region:

18th August - Leeds Carpe Diem
3rd September - Huddersfield West Fest: 
4th September - Leeds Primrose: (support from Gold Fever & The Labels & The Redwood Thinkers).

Prog Inspired Novel

15th August 2005

Kasdeja's Children is a publication by IQ fan Justin Beaney and after reading it, HHH's Danny Mayo says he would recommend it to any prog fan. Inspired by IQ and many classic prog tracks including acts like Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis and Steve Hackett, and is a pleasant tale (not wishing to give away the plot) with a supernatural twist. For more info, visit Justin's Web Site at the following address for ordering details and other information on the good man himself

The Loved Ones

8th August 2005

Bradford based band, The Loved Ones, are currently recording Fits & Starts: The Full Kafka, which is the follow up to their debut album Self Destruction For Beginners.  

The band website   lists two upcoming dates in October, links to a BBC interview with the band and  some MP3 downloads (if you only download one, make it the New Improved Insect Blues).  Their music is not easily definable but from what we have heard should especially appeal to those who like The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Captain Beefheart (Gawd bless him) and perhaps The New Vaudeville Band.  Amusing, enchanting, often brilliant and extremely more-ish stuff.  Hurrah!

Karda Estra New Album 'Progressing'

8th August 2005

Recording of the new album by Richard Wileman's Karda Estra is well under way with five tracks already completed. The work will continue throughout the summer and into autumn. If you click on you will find photos (of the girls, but no Richard to be seen) from the recording sessions.

Landsend's Lower Depths

8th August 2005

The new Landsend album, The Lower Depths is now available from  This 2 CD set includes the new seven song, 65+ minute album The Lower Depths plus a second CD of extra material including a reworking of the 1995 song (that never appeared on an album) Eyes of Venus and the 53 minute Acquiesce To The Martinets Precept which is the complete version of the improvisation/song Dross that appeared on the 1996 Landsend album An Older Land.

See for complete details and also a complete 60+ minute sampler download of a selection of the band's material from the nine CDs Landsend have released since 1994.

New Bass Player For Magenta

8th August 2005

Daniel FryWith the departure of Matthew Cohen last month, Magenta, are to headline The Summer's End Festival on September 17th, were in need of a replacement bass player.

Enter Daniel Fry, the younger brother of Magenta guitarist Chris.  We are told that at a recent audition, Daniel, who has played in a number of previous bands, impressed everyone with his technical ability, enthusiasm and stage presence. "With Daniel on board, Magenta can now continue to work on their new stage show, ready for live concerts later this year. With the release of the band's first DVD and their much anticipated new CD 'Home' coming soon, these are indeed exciting times for Magenta."

The band's "Point" gig in Cardiff on August 19th has been re-scheduled to January 20th 2006. Pre purchased Tickets are valid for the new date.

Other dates lined up include 22nd October at The Borderline in London ( and 29th October at The HLC in Rotherham for the CRS (

You can discover more about Magenta at

Rare UK Dates For Echolyn

5th August 2005

It is the for first time in their history that Echolyn will be performing in Europe in September.  Dates in the UK are 3rd September at The Astoria, London and 4th at The Boardwalk, Sheffield.  The band also have dates in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Germany (click on link below for list of dates and venues).

We know from our own experience the general reluctance of prog fans to see a band they perhaps have little knowledge of and if tickets fail to sell, gigs get cancelled and promoters become increasingly reluctant to risk the unknown and we all miss out on good live music in the end.  We ask that, if you want to grab this rare opportunity to see Echolyn, you book your tickets well in advance.

Plackband back In The UK!

5th August 2005

Excellent Dutch progsters, Plackband, have a gig at The Boardwalk, Sheffield on 3rd September 2005.  Their sound and style should appeal to most classic prog lovers and if you don't believe us, check out the MP3 sample on their website at  Tickets are available from

Product 'The Fire'

2nd August 2005

We are grateful to one of our readers for drawing our attention to the band Product, which is well worth checking out.  Product, which is the work of Arman Christoff Boyles and Scott Rader, released their third concept album called The Fire in March this year on the Cyclops label.  Go to (and click on Product) for more information and mp3 samples.

New Liquid Scarlet Album And EP

29th July 2005

Swedish prog outfit, Liquid Scarlet, has finished recording their forthcoming album which will be released in late September, but before that an EP containing one album track and four non-album tracks will be out in late August. No decision taken yet on the title of the album but the single track from it is titled Killer Couple Strikes Again!. Both these CDs, be released by Progress Records. See and for more information.

Holding Pattern Are Back In Business

28th July 2005

Surveillance Records is pleased to announce the reunion of the legendary U.S. progressive rock band, Holding Pattern.  The new album Breaking the Silence is currently in preproduction and will be released worldwide in early 2006.

The album will feature original members Tony Spada (guitars), Robert Hutchinson (drums), Mark Tannenbaum (keyboards) and Tony Castellano (bass/keyboards).

Holding Pattern will perform at this year's Poseidon Festival in Tokyo on October 24th to kick off a series of tour dates promoting the upcoming album and as a support to Tony Spada's newest release The Human Element.

Please visit for additional info .

Frank Marino Tickets Anyone?

25th July 2005

Is anyone interested in buying two tickets for Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush (plus support) at The Picturedrome, Holmfirth nr.Huddersfield, 30th July 2005 (that's this coming Saturday)? 

Rather annoyingly, something has come up at the last minute and we are unable to make the gig so invite offers for the tickets which have a face value of £17.50 each.  It would be a shame to see them go to waste and an equal shame to find we are out of pocket to the tune of £35!  If you wish to make us a reasonable offer please hit the 'Contact Us' button above and send us an email.  To ensure we have time to post the tickets to you, please contact us by Wednesday 27th July.

Galahad, Caravan, Hatfields At Progeny 3

25th July 2005

Progeny 3 takes place this year on the 19th and 20th November at The Mean Fiddler (that's the Astoria, London).  South coast proggers Galahad are joined on the Sunday by the celebrated Canterbury crowd of Caravan, Hatfield and the North, and Richard Sinclair.  We also understand that Rick Wakeman will be performing on the Saturday.  There could be other acts but we have no other information at this stage.

Galahad also have a couple of other dates  (see Gigs) lined up before Progeny 3.

Pain Of Salvation UK Gig

25th July 2005

Pain Of Salvation will be making a rare live appearance at The Underworld, Camden on 11th September 2005.  Go to for further information, tickets etc.

Audience Add More Dates

25th July 2005

Audience have added two more dates to their itinerary, Sheffield and Worcester (see Gigs for details).  The band will also be performing in Italy in October.

The Summer's End Festival

18th July 2005

The 17th September 2005 sees the charmingly titled Summer's End Festival to be held In Gloucester UK at The Guildhall.  The Summer's End Festival (there's a whiff of The Wicker Man in that surely!) has risen from the ashes of the cancelled ProgSfest and will feature Magenta, The Pineapple Thief, Galahad, Steve Thorne, Tr3nity, and Also Eden.  Tickets are priced at £18 in advance or £20 on the door but as there is capacity for only 300, best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.  Probably wise for any devoutly Christian virgin policemen to stay away in case Lord Summerisle declares a bad harvest.

Devendra Banhart

18th July 2005

Venezuelan neo/psych/folk/hippie artiste and musician, Devendra Banhart will be playing Manchester Comedy Store on 2nd August 2005 (Box Office 0161 832 1111).  Devendra's style is not easy to pin down but with delicate vocals and acoustic guitar to match, his sound could be from the mid-60s or perhaps even back to the 30's.

Beth Nielson Chapman

18th July 2005

Beth Nielson Chapman is playing Manchester Academy2 on 10th August (Box Office 0161 832 1111) along with a couple of other UK dates including Fairport's Cropredy Convention of the 13th August.

Manning Album And Live Dates

14th July 2005

The New Guy Manning album One Small Step is now all but finished with some last minute tweaking of levels before it goes off to be mastered. A number of these last minute amendments are because Martin Orford (IQ and Jadis) agreed to play the flute parts on the long suite.

Also, two live UK dates have been booked in the Autumn (both up North of England) and featuring differing line-ups:

- October 22nd at the Classic Rock Society, Rotherham supporting FOCUS
- November 3rd at The Grove in Leeds

There will also be a featured interview with Guy on Paul Bakers ARFM Radio show in July. Details of this are to be announced nearer the time of transmission.

Guy will also be starting into session work for the next TANGENT album over the Summer.

LITO Music Group Ignites With Ignarus

14th July 2005

LITO Music Group has released the debut self-titled album from hard rockers, Ignarus.  Fusing elements of classic rock, grunge and modern rock, with influences like Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, Alice In Chains and Audioslave, Ignarus is a new force on the music scene that cannot be ignored we are told.  The album is available from all the usual outlets, including Tower Records and direct from LITO at

LITO Music Group comprises a record label as well as ASCAP-affiliated publishing, songwriting, and artist development units. The company is committed to creating an environment for musicians to cultivate their talents while helping them to build financially successful careers. For more info on Ignarus and Lito Music Group go to

New Album From Riverside

9th July 2005

Polish progsters, Riverside, release their follow up to the brilliant Out Of Myself in November 2005.  Titled Second Life Syndrome (on the Inside Out label), the new album will consist of eight compositions, amongst which will be Reality Dream III, a track which has already been performed live. Lyrics-wise, Second Life Syndrome will continue the story from Out Of Myself. Music-wise, it will show a bit heavier side of the band. The cover will be once again designed by Travis Smith.

We can't wait.

'New' Black Widow Album

9th July 2005

Leicestershire prog legends, Black Widow are set to release a live album recorded in Italy back in 1971. Black Widow flautist, Clive Jones, is said to hope that the album will be titled Sees The Light Of Day but the final decision will rest with the record company,  A release date has yet to be set but Clive tells us that he has other unreleased material so BW and Agony Bag fans will be in their element.

Fire In The South At GuilFest

7th July 2005

Fire In The South will be performing at this year's Guilfest on 16th July 2005.  The band, which includes two female backing vocalists in the line-up are due to release their debut album shortly.  Those who have experienced the FITS live show have likened their style of music to that of Pink Floyd (otherwise known to us at HHH as the band that stole last weekend's Live8 gig in Hyde Park). Check out the bands website at for further information and sound sample to whet the appetite.  A review of the Fire In The South album will appear on this site in due course.

Just Offshore Feature On Film Soundtrack

7th July 2005

The tracks Ocean Storm and Endless Journey from the debut Just Offshore album released last December are on the soundtrack of the documentary film The NYU Suicides ( The film will be screened in New York City at the end of July or early August 2005.

Recording for the upcoming Just Offshore album is scheduled to begin at MateMedia Studios in August or September.

Second Album From Talisma

7th July 2005

Canadian Prog Rock trio Talisma who’s first CD Corpus released in 2004 was very well received by the Prog community, will be releasing their second CD Chromium on the Unicorn Digital label in August 2005.

In the tradition of Corpus, Chromium will contain 12 songs, we are told, of pure instrumental progressive rock, Nice fluid Mellotron textured songs in odd time signatures.

Dream Aria's Ann Burstyn On Classic FM

1st July 2005

We spoke to Classic FM's Gene Godfrey a couple of days ago and he wanted to invite you to listen in to his show next Friday, 8th July...

"Hi there... Gene Godfrey here... Join me Friday 8th July 2005 on Classic FM as vocalist Ann Burstyn, from the Toronto based band Dream Aria joins me live to discuss their debut called "In The Wake," which has already made a significant impact throughout the internet community, receiving airplay on several internet and radio stations, including many tracks heard on this program. Ann and I will feature several more here on Classic FM, including a new, as yet, unreleased track, premiered on Classic FM, from the forthcoming concept project, "Pirate Tales."

Due out soon from Cypher Arts and Clearlight, "Pirate Tales" features many artists performing songs about Pirates and the high seas, including ELPs epic tale, "Pirates," and many more tracks from others. Dream Aria perform a new song on the disc, not included on "In The Wake" called "Anne Bonny," about the 18th century female pirate originally from Ireland. --Here's a link to a bio for Anne Bonny More information at  --Friday 8th July 2005.

Of course you'll find more on Dream Aria on the web at

International webcast available live via every Friday 6-10pm Eastern time/ 3pm-7pm Pacific/ 11pm-3am UK time/etc."

New Website For Infusion

1st July 2005

Infusion have just launched a new website which can be found at  The band pay special tribute to percussionist Stephen Stephenson who sadly died last October, but on a happier note, welcome drummer Pete Cater ( who has won many awards, accompanied well known names on the jazz circuit and has frequently performed at Ronnie Scott's.  Also welcomed to the band is bassist Rob Statham who has performed with Keith Emerson and Theo Travis among others.

Guitar Workshop In Paris

26th June 2005

Probably best known for his involvement with Philharmonie, Shylock and Yang, composer, teacher and guitarist Frédéric L'Epée is running an advanced guitar workshop this coming September.

Aimed at those who already have some experience with guitar and who wish to acquire a deeper knowledge of modes as well as discovering unusual rhythmic forms, the event will run from 12th September to 17th September 2005 (2pm to 6pm daily) in Paris, France, allowing plenty of free time to soak up the locale and nightlife, or just sleep!  The price of the workshop is €250.  Note, the fee is for the workshop only and attendees are responsible for arranging their own accommodation, travel and food.

See and for details of the workshop itinerary and the work of Frédéric, or phone +33 (0)1 40 35 49 11 or send an email to him at to find out more or to book the workshop.

New (Genesis) In The Cage Release

26th June 2005

Genesis tribute band, In The Cage, have a new CD.  It's not available from their site yet, but it will be soon we are told.  Recordings were made live at Nuneaton, Margate an Hereford UK in 2004 and the CD includes the following tracks:

1    Firth of Fifth
2    One of the Vine
3    11th Earl of Mar
4    Lamb Stew:
    The Lamb Lies own on Broadway
    Fly on a Windshield
    Broadway Melody of 74
    Carpet Crawlers
    In the Cage

5    Dance on a Volcano - Los Endos

See for further information.

Classic FM - 'The Genesis Connection'

24th June 2005

Our friend, Gene Godfrey will be airing segments from interviews with Anthony Phillips, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks and Daryl Stuermer on tonight's show (6-10pm eastern time which is around 11pm - 3am UK time).  Go to for details of how to listen in over the Net.

10 Stories Down Launch Party

24th June 2005

The Pineapple Thief's new album, 10 Stories Down (single and double versions) is now shipping from and, in fact, available world wide now (CYCL144). It's the definitive release so far and has been completely remixed, some tracks have been re-recorded and an extended version of 'Light Up Your Eyes' added. Also available, the mini album '4 Stories Down', including an extended version of 'Subside' and an exclusive track, 'Ground Floor'.

The Pineapple Thief will be playing a special launch gig for the fans in Yeovil, (UK) on July 9th. The venue is small and intimate so if you plan on travelling, please book via Tickets are only £5.

New Steve Walsh Album Out

22nd June 2005

Kansas vocals and keyboards luminary, Steve Walsh, has a new album out this month.  Shadowman is set for release on 28th June in the USA through Muse-Wrapped records (4th July in Europe via Frontier Records).

A review will appear on this site in due course but the even better news is that we will be giving away five copies of the album in a competition to be announced shortly.

Juicy Lucy back In Business

22nd June 2005

Juicy Lucy with original member Ray Owen at the helm is currently touring the UK.  See for dates and further information.

Fonderia On DVD

22nd June 2005

Italian band, Fonderia, have a new DVD out.  Recording the tribute concert to Biglietto per l’Inferno, that took place in Lecco Theatre on January 29th, 2005, the DVD features the whole performance of Fonderia with Rodolfo Maltese, guitar player from Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, playing brand new versions of songs by Biglietto (Confessione, Ansia), by Banco (R.I.P., Non mi rompete), and also Dubbio II, from the Fonderia debut album.

The DVD also contains performances by Ubi Maior, Greenwall, Gas, Paolo Tofani (Area), Patrizio Fariselli (Area), Tony Pagliuca (Orme), Claudio Rocchi, Destabanda. Total running time 3 hours including 14 mins worth of backstage footage.  See and for further details.

Pink Floyd To Play Live 8

13th June 2005

The Classic Floyd line up of Gilmour, Waters, Mason and Wright are to perform together for the first time since 1981 on 2nd July 2005 in Hyde Park, London as part of the London Live 8 concert.

The More Drama Tour

13th June 2005

The More Drama Tour featuring members of YES takes place in North America in August.  See for dates and ticket information.

Moog DVD

13th June 2005

Moog: A Documentary Film by Hans Fjellestad looks into the mind of the creator of the infamous Moog, Robert Moog.  Featuring interviews and performances by musicians such as Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson, it should prove entertaining but The Times in the UK called it a messily structured documentary.  A search on the Net will find prices in the UK starting from around £12.25 including delivery (for the DVD, not a Moog!).

Jon Does Europe

13th June 2005

The ever youthful YES frontman Jon Anderson will be touring Europe in September and much of October this year including seven dates in the UK.  See for the complete run down.

Frank Marino And Mahogany Rush UK Dates

13th June 2005

Francesco Antonio Marino otherwise known as Frank Marino, returns to England in July with Mahogany Rush.  Experience their unique form of bluesy rock with splashes of Hendrix  and progressive moments not to mention Pink Floyd and Santana inspired flashes at the following venues:

July 27 - London - The Mean Fiddler
July 28 - Southampton "The Brooke"
July 29 - Derbyshire - Rockin Blues Festival
July 30 - Huddersfield - Picture Promo  Brilliant!

Guitarists Can't Wait To Get Their Hands On A Graham Greene!

12th June 2005

Our very own prog guitarist and regular contributor, Graham Greene, is to have two models of guitar named after him.  Read all about it by clicking on Nag's Head and going to Graham's Thoughts.

Any Phil Collins Style Drummers Out There?

12th June 2005

Genesis tribute band, In The Cage, are, we are told, in search of a drummer.  If you have that flair that a certain Mr Collins once displayed behind a drum kit, take a look at and get in touch with  Trevor Garrard.  The ability to use a FAX machine is not a requirement.

The Grande Mothers

10th June 2005

The Grande Mothers, featuring ex-members of Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention, are alive and well and playing a series of selected concerts in the U.S. and Europe summer 2005. The Grande Mothers, showcasing the talents of Zappa alumni, Napoleon Murphy Brock (lead vocals, tenor sax, woodwinds and choreography), Don Preston (vocals, keyboards and transformations), and Roy Estrada (vocals, bass and falsetto), along with Chris Garcia (drums, percussion and vocals) and Ken Rosser (guitar and all the difficult Zappa licks) promise a night of thorough entertainment, featuring virtuosic playing, bizarre humour and the performance of many Zappa/Mothers beloved compositions; not only re-creating the music as was originally written and produced, but also breathing new life into it as well!

The tour dates announced so far are:

15th June - Blue Cats - Knoxville, TN - 

16th June - Neighborhood Theatre - Charlotte, NC - 

17th June - Handlebar - Greenville, SC - 

18th June - Carrboro Arts Center - Carrboro, NC - 

The Grande Mothers will tour Europe between 11th and 19th August, 2005. The dates and venues will be announced soon.

The band's CD, A Grandmothers Night At The Gewandhaus, which documents the band's performance in Leipzig on March 27, 2003 is now available.

Keith Emerson Tour Cancellation

8th June 2005

Keyboard legend Keith Emerson was due to commence touring next month starting with Italy on July 19th but sadly this has been cancelled indefinitely we understand.  Emerson, 60, has allegedly been advised  that he has heart problems which are likely to require surgery of some nature, recovery from which is likely to be anything from one to six months.  We wish Keith a speedy and successful recovery.

One Giant Leap For Guy Manning?

7th June 2005

A new Guy Manning album is due for release this coming autumn on the ProgRock Records label.  Called One Small Step..., it consists of five tracks, the last of which is the 30-minute title track and the only one relating to space!  See for further information.

Karnataka Back With New Line Up

7th June 2005

With one original member of the band, Ian Jones, Karnataka are about to return with a new line-up. Joining Ian are Gonzalo Carrera (keys/vocals), It Bites' Bob Dalton (drums/vocals), ex-Enid guitarist Nick May, and Mexican born vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Alquimia who has performed with luminaries such as Michael Nyman and Jah Wobble.  As Ian says, a new era has begun - expect some classic Karnataka.  A date has yet to be set for the release of the new album, The Gathering Light.

The Lizards Tour With UFO

2nd June 2005

Hard rock outfit, the Lizards are set to to support legends UFO on their US tour this July.  See for details.

Landsend Reach New Depths

2nd June 2005

Landsend are set to release a new album titled The Lower Depths.  The actual release date has yet to be announced as there has been a slight delay due to alterations to the bonus disc.  To whet the appetite, there are two specially edited versions of tracks for download at

In addition, a 60+min sampler is available to download from and although only in 128kbps MP3 format, sound pretty good.

Glass Hammer's New Epic

31st May 2005

Glass Hammer fans, prepare to be excited.  A new album will be released on 12th July 2005.  It is said to top even the superb Lex Rex.  Artwork is by Roger Dean.  Titled, The Inconsolable Secret, the double CD Digipak features the classic Glass Hammer line-up (Steve, Fred, Walter, Susie and Matt) and bonus material of Roger Dean desktop artwork, lyrics in PDF format and a video of the band in the studio.  Roll on July!

Any Vocalists Out There?

31st May 2005

Hypervigilance is looking for a vocalist.  If you are in the vicinity of Allentown Pa. and reckon you can sing, get in touch with Paul Wasser.

Paul, who is the chief engineer at Gargoyle Recording Studios tells us that they are offering a special deal of 50% off between now and 15th August 2005.

The Rococo B-Sides

31st May 2005

Angelic songstress, Emily Bezar, has released four recordings which she has called collectively The Rococo B-Sides.  These are available as a free download from her site at  Emily has also made available a full track from each of her albums, again as free downloads (same page, scroll down).

Along with her friend and colleague, Amy X Neuburg, Emily will be performing at Makor in New York City on Saturday, August 6th 2005.

Emily was interviewed on Delicious Agony this month, and you can hear it again by going to and selecting 'Interviews' from the menu on the left hand side of the page.

Landmarq Lose Their Keyboard Player

27th May 2005

Much in demand keyboard player, Gonzalo Carrera and Landmarq have parted company due to other commitments.  Gonzalo, who has recently been touring in David OList's band, will be performing with Nick May at The Spitz Club, London, on 29th May 2005 for the launch of Nick's new album Whimwise.  Landmarq will announce a replacement keyboardist in due course.

The Enemy Within

22nd May 2005

No, not a prog band but a trojan/worm/virus.  In the past few days, our email address has been spoofed and targeted by this 'enemy within' which is at best a nuisance and worst, causing valuable bandwidth to be wasted and annoying not only ourselves but other users of email who are unlucky enough to be in the address book of the offending computer.

It is highly likely that the sources of this problem are computers used by  visitors to this website.  We have been in contact with the originating ISP (BT-ADSL) to try and resolve the problem, but to stop this sort of occurrence, all computer users should ensure that their computer is secure.  That means installing and maintaining an up to date anti virus programme and firewall.  End of mini-lecture.  Thank you.

Rick Wakeman To End Live Performances

19th May 2005

Rick Wakeman has announced on his website,, that following his recent south Americas tour and the unwarranted political criticism it attracted from some people, he will cease to perform live on stage after 2006. Whilst these comments have clearly caused severe upset, we hope that Rick will reconsider and not let a few ill-informed folk spoil it for him and his many fans.

Little Atlas Album Launch

19th May 2005

Little Atlas will be hosting an 'invitation only' private party to launch their album, Wanderlust, on 21st May 2005 at Tabacco Road Miami.  To see if you can attend the private party, go to, click on the 'Shows' link and follow the instruction.  We understand that the doors will be thrown open to the public later in the evening.

Opening the evening's entertainment for Little Atlas will be Raimundo Rodulfo (The Dreams Concerto).  Should be a good evening.

Emily On Delicious Agony

19th May 2005

Emily Bezar (see review) will be interviewed on the Internet prog radio station,, this coming Sunday  22nd May 2005 between 4-6pm Eastern US time (which we think equates to 9-11pm UK time).

ProgSfest 2005 Cancelled

14th May 2005

Sadly, the organiser of the UK's ProgSfest has announced that this year's event has had to be cancelled.

 "I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to bands and fans alike. A drastic change in personal circumstances means I simply cannot afford the financial risk. Refunds to those few who have already paid for tickets will be sent out shortly. I thank those who have supported me thus far."

Infusion Gig

12th May 2005

Infusion will be playing The Spanish Galleon, Church St, Greenwich, London this Thursday 12th May as part of the Greenwich Jazz festival  Admission is free and the concert starts at 8pm.  Joining the band is special guest, vocalist Rachel Black.  See for details.

Caravan Tour

8th May 2005

Caravan have embarked on a small tour of England incorporating the south coast and Midlands.  See Gigs for details.

New Quidam Album Due

6th May 2005

The long awaited new album by Polish progsters, Quidam is nearing release.  SurREvival is launched on 6th June 2005, and from the samples we have heard promises to please.

Gouveia Art Rock Festival 2004 DVD

2nd May 2005

The DVD of Gouveia 2004 has just been released. Consisting of a total of three hours from the live performances of Isildurs Bane, La Torre Dell'achimista, Periferia del Mondo and Portuguese guitar virtuoso composer Fernando Guiomar (leader of progressive fusion project Trape-Zape).  A review will follow in due course but fans can get there hands on a copy now from the following online outlets:

KingBathmat, New Album, New Line-up, First Live Shows

2nd May 2005

KingBathmat have a new album out called Fantastic Freak Show Carnival, which is available to purchase from now. (Revue will follow in due course.)  The first track from the album, Ghost In The Fire is available as a download from

The KingBathmat 'Band' sees multi instrumentalist John Bassett move to bass and vocals with Lee Sulsh (guitar/backing vocals) and Bernie Smirnoff (drums).  And at long last, KingBathmat fans will be able to see the band perform live for the first time at the Cavern Pub and Cavern Club on May 26th and 27th (see Gigs), absolutely free we believe.  In a word, Brilliant!

International SWAP (Songwriters & Publishers) Festival

28th April 2005

The weekend of Friday 1st July – Monday 3rd July 2005 sees Manchester, UK play host to the very first International SWAP Festival, featuring some of the all-time great songwriters performing alongside unsigned artists and emerging talent from across the UK and Europe. With exclusive live performances, SWAP Festival promises three jam-packed days of outstanding musical talent from a fantastic diversity of artists, including the world renowned Steve Earle and Shane McGowan, headlining shows in Academy 1.

The SWAP programme also includes daytime song writing workshops and master classes, taken by some of the artists due to perform and other name facilitators. The Workshops are organised in association with GMMAZ, City College Manchester and song writing and publishing associations. Recruiting participants from emerging songwriters in the region.  For information on taking part in SWAP workshops, email: .

The SWAP team will also be creating 4 free outdoor stages in Manchester City centre, on the afternoon of Sunday 3rd July at The Triangle, The Printworks, Albert Square and St Ann’s Square.

Check for details of full line-up, individual gig tickets and weekend pass prices. Tickets and weekend passes are available from phone 0161 832 1111 and and from Manchester University SU where there is no booking charge.

The International SWAP (Songwriters & Publishers) Festival is part of Manchester City Council's seasonal events programme; other highlights include the 24/7 Theatre Festival, the Manchester Jazz Festival and the Manchester European Christmas Markets.  For more information visit or call the Manchester Visitor Information Centre on 0161 234 3157.

A Nod And A Wink??

28th April 2005

As we have been speculating, Camel's Andrew Latimer has indicated that his pending move back home to England from the USA is particularly exciting because they feel that there could be a chance to tour again, albeit in small bursts.

Meanwhile, work is continuing on various projects including a Camel Footage II DVD, the next studio album and, when he is back in the UK, the Brew collaboration with Andy Ward and Doug Ferguson.  Are you smiling as much as we are?

Nick May Album Launch Gig

27th April 2005

Nick May will be launching his new album, Whimwise, at The Spitz Club, London, on 29th May 2005.  Joining Nick will be his ex Enid colleague, Steve Hughes, on drums and the ever versatile Gonzalo Carrera on synthesisers.  See

Infusion Gig this Saturday

27th April 2005

The exquisite instrumental mix that is Infusion will be playing at The Boardwalk, Snig Hill, Sheffield UK on Saturday 30th April with Oliver Wakeman headlining (see for ticket info).  Infusion bassist, Massimo Zaramella is unable to make this gig but the band have secured the services of the master of the fretless bass, Rob Statham who is surely a legend for those who have heard his work with a variety of musicians.  Should be good.

Andy Edwards Proves His IQ

27th April 2005

After last year's Dark Matter album, IQ's drummer of 23 years, Paul Cook, decided to call it a day.

It has just been announced that Andy Edwards is taking over from Cookie, and from his CV, would appear to have a wealth of experience in the hot seat.

Andy will be playing his first gig with the band on 17th September at Robin2, Bilston, UK.  IQ also have a number of dates lined up in November and December in Europe finishing at The Mean Fiddler, London, UK on 10th December (tickets for this one go on sale later this week).  The dates will be added to our Gigs section in due course but in the meantime more information can be found at

Site News

27th April 2005

Many regular visitors to The Hairless Heart Herald will have noticed that updates have been more sporadic of late, and for this we can only apologise.  HHH Editor, owner and webmaster, Jem, has been experiencing aggravated health problems over the last couple of months which are likely to continue until early June, and with computer troubles to boot (pardon the pun) has not helped.  Hopefully, things are on the mend and we can continue to bring new and interesting music the publicity it deserves.  Thank you for your continued patience.


19th April 2005

Earthling Society will finally release their debut CD Albion on Mylodon records on Monday 25th April. Limited to 500 copies the CD features seven original tracks by the band and is now available to order direct from the band's website

The album mixes dub/funk/kraut n' space rock and psychedelic folk and has been recorded and produced by the band in their Green Ray studio Lancashire.

Further to this. Berlin based label Nasoni records are to release 500 digi-Paks of Albion as well as 500 ltd edition vinyl. Release date for these is to be confirmed.

AltrOck - Sesto Art Rock Music Festival

16th April 2005

AltrOck is set to take place on Saturday May 14th 2005 Elena Theatre Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), Italy.  Featuring a four band line up of  Gecko's Tear, The Watch, Isildurs Bane and Arti e Mestieri, it promises to be a terrific day.  And with the most expensive tickets costing a mere €16 it is not to be missed.  See for full details.

Riverside Get The Spirit

13th April 2005

Polish progsters, Riverside, play The Spirit of 66 on 19th April.  Wish we could be there.

Audience Go Borderline

7th April 2005

The excellent Audience have added another date to their itinerary.  Keith Gemmell tells us that the band will be playing London's Borderline on 1st October 2005.  Tickets (£10) can be booked by dialling 0870 060 3777 and disclosing all those important numbers on your chosen piece of plastic.

On The Rocks Gets Extra Slot

5th April 2005

John Bollenberg's new radio show, On The Rocks (scroll down to 26th March) has been heralded a success by the radio station, RockFM.  The live stream had never had so many listeners as during the first edition of On The Rocks last week.
The people behind RockFM radio station therefore decided it would be a good idea to repeat the entire show the following Wednesday also between 9 and 11 PM CET. So from the very first airing of On The Rocks onwards you can now get to hear the show each Sunday and the following Wednesday between 9 and 11 PM CET.  Go to  and to access the stream and details about the show.

Latest From Gonzalo Carrera

3rd April 2005

The keyboard skills of the talented Gonzalo Carrera will be finding their way on the new album by Chasing The Monsoon, the new project from ex-Karnataka man Ian Jones and featuring Ian Simmons and Steve Evans.  Read all about it and hear the latest sound sample at

Gonzalo has also started recording the new Landmarq album.

He is, of course, currently touring with David O List of The Nice (see for reviews of shows so far), and spoke to us about the first gig of the tour which was at Camden's Underworld. "Last Saturday was fantastic!! On the bill was Instant Flight, David O List and Audience and we performed all the classic The Nice stuff like Flower Kings, Rondo, America, Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack, and the reaction of the crowd was fantastic!!" 

Reknowned rock journalist and prog fan, Chris Welch, Peter Banks (ex-YES) and Nick May (Ex The Enid, Jadis) were in attendance and expressed their enjoyment to the band.

The first band on the night was the psychedelic Instant Flight who are also the backing band for the legendary Arthur Brown, and worth checking out according to Gonzalo. See for further details.  Cheers Gonzalo.

DyingDream Debut

3rd April 2005

DyingDream, consisting of two core writers, Jim Blair (guitars, programming, Mellotron, piano) and Chris Zamba (Fender bass, 12-string bass, fretless bass), with additional musicians as guests, have released their first album. described as dark, intense, emotional, guitar-based (but not lacking in keyboards either) instrumental progressive rock, it sounds promising.  See for more information and sound samples.

Glass Hammer's Inconsolable Secret

3rd April 2005

Top prog outfit, Glass Hammer, are busy recording their next album, The Inconsolable Secret, which will be released this summer.

The album cover has been designed by the one and only Roger Dean, who has also designed Glass Hammer's new logo.  Check out their new website which has full details plus other goodies including Roger Dean artwork for download. marvellous!

Touchstone In Hitchin

30th March 2005

Prog outfit, Touchstone, will be playing Club 85, Hitchin, Hertfordshire on 9th April 2005.

Parallel Mind

26th March 2005

Parallel Mind release their first CD, Colossus Adea, On the Unicorn Records label on 1st April. The sound samples at are well worth checking out.

Bollenberg On The Rocks

26th March 2005

John Bollenberg's radioshow On The Rocks will be back on air as of Easter Sunday 27th March onwards between 9pm and 11pm CET (that is currently 8pm and 10pm GMT). The live stream can be reached through

John will be airing the best current and ‘older’ progressive tracks. New is the inclusion of ‘the album of the week’ feature which will highlight one track in each hour of the show. On top of that this album will have it’s review on John's new website which will be launched simultaneously and will stock tons of CD and DVD reviews, live pics, extra’s, as well as all of the playlists. The site will grow as time goes by

John has also been busy elsewhere. Brill, the new album by The New Grove Project  is the follow-up to the 1997 debut “Fool’s journey” which was highly praised internationally. Brill features amongst others Hasse Bruniusson (Flower Kings, Samla Mammas Manna), Jode Legh (from legendary band England), Per Sundbom, André Schornos, Fredy Schnyder, Pär Lindh and Ingemar Hjertqvist.  John can be heard on four tracks including his own composition Laughternoon Dream.  Does the man ever rest?!

ProgAID - Orders Now Being Accepted

12th March 2005

The ProgAID single, All Around the World, is released on 14th March on F2 Records.  Classed as an EPCD, it will include five mixes of the track (including a 13 minute Prog version!), all very different, but all excellent! There is also the added bonus of a five minute video of various people recording their part in the studio, bringing the total running time to almost 40 minutes!

The ProgAID CD EP comes in a full colour slip case, with a colour insert and is wrapped in cellophane. It is available from many distributors around the world and all will be selling it at a retail price of GBP 5.00 (or local equivalent). You can pre-order it now direct from and it will be posted as soon as it arrives from the pressing plant. The price of GBP 5.00 includes postage to anywhere in the world.

ALL profit from the sale of this CD EP will go towards helping those effected by the Tsunami disaster, and we want to raise as much money as possible. Please buy as many copies as you are able! Regular updates, including the amount of money raised, will be posted at the ProgAID web site at, so please visit for the latest news.

David O'List Website

12th March 2005

David O'List, whose UK tour starts on 26th March (see Gigs) has a new website, which can be found at

New KingBathmat Album Due

12th March 2005

The New KingBathmat Album Fantastic Freak Show Carnival, the follow up album to Crowning Glory, will be available May 1st, through the KingBathmat Website

Fantastic Freak Show Carnival has all the traits of a KingBathmat album we're told, but this time with a production that is first class, a bigger Psychedelic sound, and a more experimental, heavier, darker feel.

There is a sampler/MP3 of the album to hear online available to download at and in April there will be a download only single available to purchase from the new KingBathmat digital music store.

Ozrics US Tour

12th March 2005

Strange Trips is pleased to announce that the incredible Ozric Tentacles are ready to kick off their 2005 US Tour starting in Boston on 17th March. Joining them for this whirlwind for all but the last three dates on the tour will be The Solar Fire Lightshow. So grab some friends and come out for an evening of extremely pure high energy music and spacey "Out of this World" cosmic psychedelia! For more information please see: (or)

ProgSfest Line-Up Finalised

11th March 2005

ProgSfest 2005 will take place over the weekend of 14th to 16th October. Arena, Also Eden, Galahad, Pineapple Thief, Magenta, Tr3nity, Strangefish, guitar legend Gordon Giltrap, and Mostly Autumn will be providing the music (see Gigs).

The ProgSfest website will be online shortly but tickets can be reserved by sending an email to  Tickets are available for the whole weekend, individual days or a combination of days as follows:

Fri/Sat or Fri/Sun £25
Sat/Sun £32
Full weekend £40

Fri £10

Sat £18

Sun £18

Whitchurch Off, ProgSfest On

7th March 2005

For the second consecutive year there will be no Whitchurch Festival, problems with venues being the reason cited.  It is hoped that the event will go ahead in 2006.

The good news is that ProgSfest is going ahead later this year.  Most of the bands have been booked and an official announcement is expected soon.  More when we have it.

Tommy Vance 1941 - 2005

7th March 2005

Veteran DJ, Tommy Vance, died in the early hours of Sunday morning after suffering a stroke.  Gravelly voiced Tommy was born in Oxford, England in 1941 (real name Richard Anthony Crispian Francis Prue Hope-West) first took to the airways in Seattle in the early 1960's, and when the station signed a DJ called Tommy Vance and heavily promoted the fact in advance at which stage the DJ decided  not to join, Richard was placed in Tommy's spot, adopting his name.  In the mid 60's, he returned to the UK to join Radio Caroline.  Tommy is perhaps best known to British listeners for his Friday Rock Show, covering prog and rock for 15 years from 1978 on BBC Radio 1.  As well as various television appearances and voice-overs over the years, Tommy released a number of records around the early 70's.

Magnum DVD and Tour

6th March 2005

Legendary rockers Magnum have a new DVD out in May this year.  Recorded in December 1992 at Birmingham, UK in the presence of a jam-packed audience at the Town Hall, Bob Catley and his colleagues perform a set of the band's 'greatest hits' including classics such as On A Storyteller's Night.  Magnum - Live At Birmingham DVD is released by Classic Pictures ( on May 23rd in the UK (and the rest of Europe throughout May) and includes a bonus documentary of the band, with interviews and the making of the Brand New Morning album, recorded in 2005.  The full gamut of sound options is included within the fully animated menu.

Magnum also embark on a European tour in April (see Gigs) with only two UK dates, one of which is already sold out.

Return Of The Dancehall Sweethearts

1st March 2005

Folk rock legends, Horslips, will be releasing a DVD 'rockumentary' in the summer called Return Of The Dancehall Sweethearts covering their history from 1970 to 1980.  Their not so easy to find latest album, Roll Back, consists of a CD covering some re-workings of old favourites and a limited edition bonus DVD featuring four tracks performed by the band in Derry in 2004.  And for those who can tune in to RTE1 today at 10:15pm, the Arts Lives series has an hour-long feature of an edited version of the forthcoming DVD including commentary from luminaries such as Bono and Dave Fanning.  Sadly, no hint of a tour.  Yet.

Rites Of Spring Festival

1st March 2005

The 2nd annual Rites of Spring Festival (ROSfest) takes place over the weekend on 30th April and 1st May 2005 with a pre show on Friday 29th April.  The bands appearing include Arena, Mostly Autumn, The Tangent, Magenta, Sylvan and Eyestrings.  See for full details.  Tickets are now on sale via the ROSfest site and are going fast..

d-koy In Leeds

1st March 2005

d-koy have another three gigs lined up starting this month (see Gigs).  The band hope to be recording another demo around Easter time and have given their website a facelift.  We reckon the chaps at our 'little sister' site, may have had a hand in writing their bio,

More Audience Gigs

1st March 2005

Another two dates have been added to Audience's ever growing itinerary.  See Gigs for details.

ProgAID Release Imminent

26th February 2005

Click for full size (opens in new window)The ProgAID single, All Around The World is currently being pressed and will be available to purchase very shortly. All those who contributed to the single are listed on the ProgAid flyer/advertisement (click on thumbnail to open full size in a new window).

Keep checking the official ProgAID website for news of the release and how to get hold of a copy.

Nick May Goes All Whimwise

26th February 2005

Guitarist/composer Nick May, best known for his work with The Enid and Jadis, has a new album, Whimwise, out in May 2005.  The official album launch show, part of an event organised by AMP Records featuring other bands on the label including Dano Suzuki the ex lead singer of CAN, will take place at The Spitz Club, London on 29th May 2005.  The album, which will be available at this event, is a mature combination of prog and classical compositions that will, without doubt, welcome Nick as a 'new' force on the UK prog scene in his own right.  Check out Nick's website at and the MP3 samples taken from Whimwise.

Procol Harum Special Edition DVD

23rd February 2005

We have nothing against Dolby Laboratories 5.1 system.  It is, after all, an 'ear opener' after basic stereo.  But on our equipment at least, DTS (Digital Theater Systems) soundtracks create a new level of involvement for the listener.

So it is great to hear that Classic Pictures are to release Procol Harum's Live In Copenhagen Special Edition DVD (filmed in 2001) on 7th March in the UK (released in the rest of Europe later in March and the rest of the world in due course).  As well as new packaging for this special edition, the sound options now include DTS and a remixed Dolby 5.1.  See for further information.  We have just gone a whiter shade of pale!

Two New YES Related Packages From Classic Pictures

22nd February 2005

Classic Pictures have announced the release of the YES ACOUSTIC and YESSPEAK Special Edition DVD Package.  Featuring the YES ACOUSTIC DVD, which was the number 1 selling UK music DVD in June 2004, and YESSPEAK (the cinema version) with an exclusive Roger dean cover design and choice of  5.1 Dolby Digital, 5.1 DTS & Dolby Stereo Sound Options, this package will be a must for those fans of YES who have yet to experience these DVDs.  The release date for the UK is 7th March with the rest of Europe before the end of March.  Release dates for the rest of the world will follow.

Released on the same date is Rick Wakeman's classic Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition DVD. 

Originally released in 2001, this DVD will now be presented in Special Edition packaging, additional 5.1 sound mixes including DTS (the original was in stereo only), and previously unseen footage 'The Lost Journey'.  The legendary “Journey” began in 1974 and culminated in Australia and New Zealand in 1975.  In January 2005 for the very first time in 30 years Rick Wakeman and original band members Roger Newell, Ashley Holt, Barney James and Gary Pickford Hopkins were reunited at Shepperton Studios. Between them they had their own exclusive never seen before Super 8mm footage which was filmed during their amazing Journey and this documentary shows them at the time and today with interviews and many funny stories - This is a fascinating insight into their unforgettable Journey and life on the road across the globe.

For further information on these and other Classic Pictures releases, see

Hatwise Choice on Classic FM In March

21st February 2005

We incorrectly reported on 18th February that Hatfield And The North's Richard Sinclair would be interviewed on that day on Gene Godfrey's Classic FM show.  In fact the Hatfield interviews commence on 4th of March (11pm to 3am UK time starting with Richard.  As previously mentioned, discussions will centre around the Hatfield's new album, Hatwise Choice and similar interviews with Phil Miller and Pip Pyle will follow on the subsequent two Friday shows.  And, of course, a review of Hatwise Choice will appear on this site shortly.

Alisa Kaufman

19th February 2005

Argentinean songstress, Alisa Kaufman, will be performing at Lauderdale House, Highgate Hill, Waterloo Park London N6 5HG on 1st March at 7:30pm to promote her latest album, Epilogo Lunar (Moon Epilogue).  Alisa's music is influenced by Brazilian music and jazz and a touch of that great Latin flavour.  She will be accompanied by that keyboard wizard who gets everywhere, Gonzalo Carrera and Danny Berdichevsky.  More about Alisa can be found at

The Nice Legend David O'List UK Tour

19th February 2005

David O'List of The Nice fame commences a UK tour kicking off at Camden's Underworld on 26th March (see GIGs for full listings).  The set should include classics such as Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack and America, and David's band for the tour includes Landmarq's Gonzalo Carrera on keys and Dave Wagstaffe (drums), with Jerry Cunningham on bass. David's website can be found at

Hatwise Choice on Classic FM Tonight

18th February 2005

Hatfield And The North's Richard Sinclair will be interviewed tonight (11pm to 3am UK time if we're not mistaken) in the first of three 'specials' on Gene Godfrey's Classic FM (  Discussions will centre around the Hatfield's new album, Hatwise Choice and similar interviews with Phil Miller and Pip Pyle will follow on the following two Friday shows.

New Site 'For Richard'

17th February 2005

Canterbury's finest, Richard Sinclair, has a new website, Although work is continuing on the site, there are currently details of Richard's forthcoming gigs and a 'to-be-expanded' archive section.

Tangent 'Official' Bootleg

17th February 2005

There will be a release of a Tangent live album in the near future. This is to be released as a limited edition CD. The single CD contains 80 minutes of the Tangent captured live on multitrack, onstage at the Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg on Nov 3 2004.

The CD features the first Tangent touring line up of:-
Andy Tillison - Keyboards & Vocals
Roine Stolt – Guitars and Vocals
Jonas Reingold - Bass Guitar
Sam Baine - Keyboards & Vocals
Zoltan Csörsz - Drums

Not all the tracks played that night are present , but tracks include the full In Darkest Dreams, extended versions of The Canterbury Sequence and The World That we Drive Through amongst others. The album will be released as a kind of official bootleg on PROGJAM records, and will only be available via online The Tangent's website, at Tangent concerts or, in the USA, via Brain Dorbuck.  The official release date is 1st June 2005 but advanced copies will be available at the forthcoming 'mini' tour dates in April and May.  See for further information.

Pocket Gods Gig Tonight

17th February 2005

The Pocket Gods are playing at Joseph's Well, Leeds, this evening, 8:30 sharp.

New Helloween 'Sticks' Man

12th February 2005

Helloween  and  drummer  Stefan  Schwarzmann have parted ways amicably. The former  Running Wild and U.D.O. drummer,  who played the drums during the pumpkin  heads'  Rabbit Don't Come Easy world tour, will not be playing for the  Hamburg  based  band any longer. During the tour it became apparent to Stefan  and  to  the rest of the members of Helloween that, although things were  going extremely well on the human side of things, Stefan and the band did  not entirely share the same views musically. Stefan decided to stay to help  out  the  band  during  their  pre-production until a replacement was found.

Dani  Löble,  highly  acclaimed ex-drummer of Rawhead Rexx turned out to be the  perfect  man  for Helloween.  Dani, an exceptional talent known to many musical  insiders,  has  already  finished  most of the drum recordings for Helloween´s  follow-up  album to Rabbit Don't Come Easy. Helloween-fans can anticipate  awe-inspiring  loads  of  double bass madness and the trademark Helloween style of songs and arrangements on their upcoming album.  More info at

Dream Aria

11th February 2005

Inventive four-piece, Dream Aria, consisting of Donald Stagg (composer, lyrics, keyboards, arranger, producer), Garry Flint (drums, bass, engineer), Jozef Pilasanovic (guitar, bass, vocals, flute) and Ann Burstyn (vocals, lyrics, vocal melodies), have just released their CD In The Wake.

The music encompasses numerous styles and is rather good, we reckon.  Check out the MP3s on the band's website at

Live Album From Dreadnaught

11th February 2005

Award-winning experimental/Americana/prog trio Dreadnaught's new album, the epic double-disc Live At Mojo, featuring almost 2 hours worth of music culled from the band's extensive catalogue as well as previously unrecorded material, will be released internationally by Comet Records/Horizons ( on 15th February 2005. See for more information.

Earthling Society 'Albion' Setback

8th February 2005

We reported on 13th January that Earthling Society's debut album, Albion, had been released but in fact it has run into some mastering difficulties.  The disc will not read in the mastering machine to enable print, so they are having to get another master out to Santiago to get it sorted.  Hopefully if all goes well then it should be released in March.
All this frustration has sent the band back into the studio and they have just completed their second album Council House Mystics, the title being a nod to Be-bop Deluxe's classic Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape. The album contains five tracks and will be released on their own label that they are setting up for release in July. Hopefully by then the third album will be finished!!!  More info can be found at

Lee Abraham's Album Now Available

8th February 2005

Lee Abraham's new CD View From The Bridge has been taken on by Destiny Records for official worldwide distribution. The CD is now available directly from them at

Alex McEwan Live Dates

29th January 2005

Singer songwriter, Alex McEwan, whose album Beautiful Lies produced by Mark Freeguard (Del Amitri) is released in February, has some Scottish dates, featuring Gonzalo Carrera (Landmarq, Infusion, Logical Tramps) on keyboards, as follows:

3rd February - Whistle Binkies-South Bridge, Edinburgh
4th February - Doctors, Edinburgh
5th February  - Caledonian Backpackers - Edinburgh

See Alex's website at for further information

Album Preview Gig Foreseen For Strangefish

24th January 2005

A pre-release gig for the forthcoming new Strangefish album, Fortune Telling, is to be held on March 5th at The Royal Arms Club in Cadishead, Manchester. Tickets are available on the Strangefish website and are priced at £20 for adults and £10 for 16's and under. For the money there will be a buffet before the show as well as an opportunity to pre-order the album at a discounted price of £10 and the option to have your name included in the thank you's on the booklet. the band are due in the studio at the start of April to record Fortune Telling with a view to a Summer release.  (Soothsayers should note that the Ides of March fall on the 15th and not the 5th so nothing to worry about there!)


19th January 2005

ProgAID was set-up in the wake of the terrible earthquake and Tsunami disaster that tragically struck on the 26th December 2004. The sheer destruction and loss of human life was of a scale that shook the world.

The organisers of ProgAID. F2 Music, Magenta and Briar Bank Studios considered what the Progressive Rock community could do, even in a small way, to help alleviate some of the suffering endured, and help towards the rebuilding of lives and communities.

ProgAID  have therefore decided to co-ordinate the recording of a CD single to help raise as much money as possible for those that need it. The song, titled 'All Around The World', will be recorded on the 29th and 30th January 2005, and since the decision was made, they have been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many great musicians who have agreed to give their time to appear on the single. The list grows daily and includes a whole host of celebrities from the world of progressive rock   The full list of musicians participating on the single are listed within the "Who's Who" section of the ProgAID website,

Once recorded, the single will go on sale, which is expected to be late February 2005, and all proceeds will go to the charities that can help the victims of the Tsunami disaster.

Regular updates, including the amount of money raised, will be posted at the ProgAID web site at, so please visit for the latest news and give this worthwhile project your support.

Please note: The official ProgAID web site has only recently been constructed, and currently emails sent to are not being delivered. We hope that this will be corrected in the very near future. In the meantime, please feel free to use should you wish to contact the organisers for any reason.

The Tsunami Project

19th January 2005

Another progressive venture to raise funds for aid relief in respect of the recent Tsunami disaster is being organised by members of the Spock's Beard message board.

Many aspects of the disaster were discussed on the message board and from these discussions an idea was born. It was decided to produce a CD with the proceeds going to aid relief in the area.

The CD will be a 2 disc professionally produced and packaged album and will comprise mainly of contributions from the board members’ own bands and musical projects. The board is fortunate in having many experienced musicians among its membership from all parts of the globe, making this project truly international. It is intended that the album will be on sale mid-March.

Some higher profile contributions have been promised. Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard, Tears For Fears), Randy George (Ajalon, Neal Morse) and IQ will be appearing on the album. Other well known musicians have been approached and it is hoped they will lend their names and music to the cause.

A website has been set up containing information on the project, details of those involved and a page where contributions towards the production costs may be made. Pre-orders will also be available shortly. See  For more information please contact

The Lizards UK Tour

19th January 2005

Hard rock outfit, The Lizards, embark on a six date UK tour in February (see Gigs), opening for rock legend, Glenn Hughes.  The Lizards will be performing sections from their new album, shortly to be reviewed here, Cold Blooded Kings. See for further details.

Earthling Society

13th January 2005

British psychedelic space-rockers, Earthling Society, have just released their album Albion on the American label Mylodon Records.  The European release is due this month via Lizard Records of Italy.  Influenced by  bands such as Ash Ra Tempel, Can, Agitation Free, Amon Duul 2 and Hawkwind, the band have received the praises of  Mr Quimby's Beard, Nik Turner, The Bevis Frond and Dave Cintron of Terminal Lovers.  Go to to hear MP3s from the new album and further details.

Oliver Wakeman/Infusion

7th January 2005

Oliver Wakeman and Infusion will be playing at The Boardwalk, Sheffield on 30th April 2005, organised by the Classic Rock Society.  The gig is not yet listed but enquires should be made via or

Alex McEwan

6th January 2005

Singer songwriter, Alex McEwan will be appearing at The Borderline, London tomorrow, 7th January 2005.  Scotsman Alex, whose songs (in our opinion) are up there with the likes of Beverley Craven has also been likened to Travis, Damien Rice etc. and has received very favourable comments from established musicians such as Hamish Stuart (Average White Band) and Gordon Haskell.  Alex will be joined on stage by prog/fusion session keyboard player, Gonzalo Carrera (Infusion, Landmarq, Logical Tramps).  Check out Alex's website for further info and MP3s from his forthcoming single She Must Be Crazy due for release on 7th February.

Future live dates include The Spitz, London on 12th January, Bush Hall, London on 27th January and King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow (date to be confirmed).

Richard Sinclair Dates

3rd January 2005

Canterbury's finest, Richard Sinclair, embarks this month on a number of dates up to June 2005 featuring solo, duo and the full RS Band gigs plus a Hatfield And The North 'reunion' gig in March at The Mean Fiddler, London.  Not to be missed.  See Gigs for full details.

Infusion Website Now Online

28th December 2004

Infusion keyboard maestro, Gonzalo Carrera, tells us that the band will be performing at The Underworld, London on 31st March 2005 supporting Osibisa. Infusion's website is now up and running at Infusion which carries details of this and general info about the band plus MP3 samples.

Better By Far

28th December 2004

Caravan's 1977(?) album, Better By Far, will finally make it to CD in 2005.  Eclectic Discs have secured the rights to this release which should see an issue in February 2005 (the 14th according to Caravan, the 28th according to a trusted supplier, though it is not unusual for such releases to be delayed).

Oxygene8 Changes

22nd December 2004

Oxygene8, formerly the duo of Linda Cushma and Frank D'Angelo, have announced an amicable parting of the ways. Linda  will continue as Oxygene8, replacing Frank's much treasured guitar work with various guest artists. Tim Alexander of Primus has recorded some drum parts for the new Oxygene8 CD now in progress.

Guillermo Cides, Argentinean Stickist, will join Linda and Tim on the project as well as many other celebrated guests.

New Album From Magellan

22nd December 2004

Magellan has finished the recording of the new Magellan Album entitled Symphony For A Misanthrope.  Inside Out has not yet announced the release date.  See within the next few days for further information.

Daniel Patrick Quinn New Release

18th December 2004

Daniel Patrick Quinn has a new CD EP out on 27th December 2004.  Consisting of four instrumental pieces, just over 22 minutes long, this CD is called SUILVEN007 (coinciding nicely with the catalogue number!).

It will contain the results of Daniel's collaborative work with Beano Jameson. Titles: Dunstanburgh Castle, The Sun Rises, Death On The Ridge Road and Sutherland County. The first track is entirely solo and perhaps a hint of what to expect, we're told, on his 2005 album.  A review will follow shortly.

John Hackett Checks Out

15th December 2004

John Hackett's new album entitled Checking Out Of London features 12 tracks and includes the talents of Steve Hackett, Nick Magnus and Tony Patterson. John himself plays guitars, bass, occasional keyboards and lead vocals on nine of the tracks.

Judging by the promo we have received, it has a nice collection of sounds in the King Crimson and Genesis vein. Release date is early next year.  A full review will follow shortly.

New Tony Spada Release Imminent

15th December 2004

Prog guitarist, Tony Spada, has a new album out on 5th January 2005 called The Human Element.

This album is the long-awaited follow up to his album Balance Of Power, and will be available from Synphonic, Laser's Edge, ZNR, Fossil, Kinesis, Musea, Big BalloonMusic, CDBaby, Guitar9, Wayside and many other on-line stores!  The next issue of Progression magazine will feature Tony in an interview/story on his new album and the reunion album and tour by Holding Pattern.  Tony tells us that his new website is under construction, the URL of which will be advised in the near future.

Camel Productions Coming Home

8th December 2004

Camel's Andy Latimer and Susan Hoover have announced their decision to permanently relocate to Britain in the near future.  Andy and Susan moved to California from England in the 80's where they set up their company, Camel Productions.

Stock is being deliberately kept low at the Camel Shop ( pending the move, the date of which has yet to be set.  Once it has taken place, the the American operation will cease, Camel Shop prices will be listed in Euros (not £?? - perhaps they don't realise that we are outside the Euro zone!) and all items will be shipped from the UK.

Symfo Rock Festival

2nd December 2004

Placband, Knight Area and Lady Lake are the acts lined up for the Symfo Rock Festival in Amstelveen (near Amsterdam) this Saturday, 4th December.  Should be a great night.  See for ticket information.

Van Der Graaf Generator

2nd December 2004

Friday, 6th May 2005 sees a reunion gig by prog legends, Van Der Graaf Generator at London's Royal Festival Hall.  Tickets (£20-£30) are selling like hot cakes so don't delay.

The Pocket Gods

2nd December 2004

The Pocket Gods are listed on the BBC's 'Best of Unsigned Bands'.  You can hear a couple of the tracks from the new album  Blood On The Snacks (see reviews) at (wished they had entered the track The Ninth Configuration but it is a bit long for airplay I suppose).


2nd December 2004

John Mitchell, John Beck, Pete Trewavas and Chris Maitland have formed a new band called Kino. For a limited period, you can download an MP3 sample of five of their tracks by clicking here (4MB file).  The forthcoming album, Picture, is penned for release in Feb/Mar next year.

Kino have a couple of gigs planned in Europe including tonight (2nd December) at Tivoli - Utrecht (Holland), and on 8th December at The Underground - Koln (Germany), the latter of which is being filmed for German TV.  The band will include songs of It Bites, Marillion and The Urbane in their set.

Camel Footage Released

19th November 2004

The new Camel DVD, Footage (scroll down to 1st November for details), is released on 22nd November.  Available only in NTSC format, it should play on most European DVD player and televisions (check your equipment literature for compatibility).  A sound glitch lasting a few seconds was on the BBC master tapes (they are 30 years old) and there was no way to correct this in the DVD mastering but I know it won't spoil our enjoyment of this archive footage.  The DVD can be ordered through the usual prog retailers but if ordered via Andy Latimer will personally sign each copy.  Note that the Camel 'shop' closes between 15th December and 15th February, so get those orders in early.

Ice Tiger Reunion Gigs

19th November 2004

Our own Graham Greene will be joining his old band, Ice Tiger for two gigs in Australia shortly.  Ice Tiger disbanded back in 1992, but due to fan pressure will be playing at The Charles Hotel, Charles St., Nth Perth on 26th and 27th of November. See for further information.  Graham will be keeping us informed via his Tiger Journal (click on Behind The Scenes).

New Lizards CD

19th November 2004

Hot off the heels of a successful tour of Europe, Scandinavia and Russia, hard rock monsters The Lizards have just released their third CD Cold Blooded Kings which we are told is a rock and roll masterpiece that will surely satisfy the hardest of rockers! Pounding rhythms, solid funky bass lines, blazing guitar solos and vocals that can cut through the murkiest of metal, Cold Blooded Kings will no doubt prove to be one of the hottest releases of the year! As evident in their skillful songwriting and performance, The Lizards authentically follow the path laid by classic rock groups of the past – Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Free.

Sylvan Albums at ProgRock Records

19th November 2004

Trying to get hold of Sylvan's earlier albums?  Look no further.  ProgRock Records has both the band's first and second album in stock in addition to their two most recent releases at

Van Booked For Baja

19th November 2004

Polish outfit, Van band, will be performing at Baja Prog 2005.  See for further information and MP3 samples (under 'Discography').

Unicorn Records Sampler

19th November 2004

Unicorn Records have  released their first sampler CD called Progression In Balance Vol 1, which features tracks from bands including Spaced Out, Hamadryad, Heon and Talisma.  See for full details.

Galahad At Mister Smith's

15th November 2004

If you missed Galahad's great performance at the recent ProgSfest, you'll be pleased to hear that the south coast proggers have a gig at Mister Smith's in Bournemouth on 5th December.  Tickets are only available on the night (gig starts at 8pm) so people travelling greater distances should ensure an early arrival to avoid disappointment.

ProgSfest 2005

15th November 2004

Hot on the heels of ProgSfest 2004, ProgSfest 2005 has been confirmed.  The event will be held over the weekend of 15th and 16th October 2005 and Magenta will be headlining on the Sunday.

Hatfield And The North

14th November 2004

A new retrospective Hatfield And The North CD is about to be released.  The Hatfield's website,, will have full details from 15th November.

Chasing The Monsoon

14th November 2004

Chasing The Monsoon is a new music venture from Ian Jones, creative force behind the now sadly defunct rock band Karnataka.

A collaboration with Steve Evans (songwriter/producer - producer of Delicate Flame of Desire) and Ian Simmons (songwriter/guitarist/artist), Chasing the Monsoon is an imaginative, experimental project where sensual rhythms evolve into pulsating, tribal heartbeats and shimmering, organic soundscapes are intertwined with breathtaking, ethereal voices, creating a sound that transcends all boundaries, demographics, and genres, apparently.

The band are currently working on the debut album and will soon be uploading sound samples to the new website  Visit the website and join the free on-line mailing list to receive regular news updates


New Camel DVD Imminent

1st November 2004

Camel may have ended their touring days (temporarily we hope) but there's plenty to look forward to in 2005, plus an archive footage DVD, which is expected before the end of 2004.

Called Camel Footage, it will contain vintage 70's footage from The Old Grey Whistle Test, Sight and Sound, and Mirror Image to never-before-seen amateur footage shot during the 1992 tour and previously unreleased footage from 1997.  Those who saw the original broadcasts of TOGWT and Sight And Sound In Concert will be salivating in anticipation at seeing Latimer, Bardens, Ward, Ferguson, Mel Collins and Richard Sinclair and others once again, albeit from the comfort of an armchair.  Also included as 'bonus material' is a section titled Left Luggage, unreleased material recorded during the reunion of Latimer, Ward and Ferguson last year.  The release date has yet to be set.

The live DVD and CD from the final tour have yet to be mixed and, like the Brew album, will be worked on in 2005.  Meanwhile, Andy Latimer is working on a new Camel studio album.  Again, no release dates have been set for any of these items but we're guessing that the studio album will take priority.

A.C.T. The Christmas Party

25th October 2004

Fans of A.C.T. who were, no doubt, disappointed when the band's tour(s) were cancelled this year have at last some better news.  The band are due to start recording a new album early in 2005 and have announced 'The Last, Last Epic Christmas Party' to be held at Malmo Kulturbolaget, Sweden on 11th December 2004.  Advanced tickets will be available shortly from

d-koy Live Dates

25th October 2004

Summer (what summer?) was far from uneventful for Leeds band, d-koy.  A flooded rehearsal room (the bad news) and a new drummer (the good news), the band are planning to record a new demo in January 2005.  The band have a number of live performances booked, all in the city of Leeds (see Gigs for details) between November and February.

Guy Manning On The Dividing Line

20th October 2004

Join Frans Keylard, host of The Rogues' Gallery on The Dividing Line Broadcast Network, on Thursday October 21st. This show will feature an interview with Guy Manning about his soon to be released A Matter of Life and Death CD.
The show plays live on the Internet from 8 PM - Midnight Pacific Time (4 AM-8AM GMT). The live show features an interactive chatroom where you can talk with other listeners and the DJ.
Soon after the show has aired the archive will be uploaded and available on the show's page for those who cannot attend. All the details are available at

Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces

20th October 2004

No, we haven't suddenly been struck with paranoia, well no more than usual.  Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces is the new  album from Johnny Poindexter, which has now at last been released and features a number of guest vocalists and musicians including Patrick Bourne from Leeds band The Future Sons Of Rome and Kip from Luton based outfit Iodo.

The album can be purchased via the all-new JP website at for an unbelievably low price of £5 which includes shipping within the UK.

Xi Single Release

18th October 2004

Leeds based outfit, Xi, release their new single Low on their management label, Panama Records on 21st October in time for their autumn tour.  The single is taken from their forthcoming album, The Glow Of Television, which is complete but the band are taking time to consider possible deals for distribution and release.

Xi are not easy to categorise but aspects of their music reminds us, to a degree, of Talking Heads.  Check out their website at The single, of which there are only 450 copies, can be purchased for £3 direct from the band or via for £3.50.

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