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Nag's Head - Jem
Nag's Head - Chris
Nag's Head - Graham
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Nag's Head

Welcome to the section where we divulge a little about our music tastes and background.  Prog is a broad genre and one manís meat, in a manner of speaking, is another manís fat or gristle.  It makes sense, therefore, that visitors to the site have some idea what the HHH team, as individuals, have a penchant for musically to give a greater insight into our scribblings.

To find out more about our music tastes etc. click on the relevant name in the menu on the left of the page.

In addition we will be, individually, putting our views, opinions and thoughts down on various topics around prog that could not be covered in any other part of the site.  A sort of Ďeditorialí that will be added to from time to time as required.

Chris and Jem on a Ferry from Belgium returning home after 72 hours of non stop prog, looking rougher than normal perhaps!

Guitar maestro, Graham, captured in glorious monochrome.

Steve in full blown colour!

Jane - ready to rock



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