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Muse, Earls Court London, 19th December 2004

Devon three-piece Muse are quoted as being 'prog' in many respects, but in most people's thoughts, they are just Muse, unique and simply brilliant. Performing two sell out shows where the giants of rock such as Pink Floyd have performed before hand, Muse just know how to do a good show. The talented Matt Bellamy dressed in a full length red coat entertained us all with his guitar, keyboards
and vocals, and for those who were right at the back of the hall, a large screen either side of the stage made sure everyone could see the band in action.

Hysteria got things underway, and the crowd were soon bouncing along and singing along too. Butterflies And Hurricanes was next and was a single earlier this year. After the two V shows back in August, the band have grown in popularity. Sing For Absolution was a favourite of mine along with TSP. For those of you who haven't heard any Muse, they are a nice blend of modern rock, and a mix of seventies stadium bands such as Queen to name one, and when Matt hit a few chords from Led Zeppelin's Heartbreaker, well that just underlined their roots. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist is a great example of such acts from long ago.

Their songs such as Plug-In Baby, Bliss, Dead Star and Micro Cuts flowed through the PA, and the balloons fell from the roof towards the end of the set. Encores followed, and for me Stockholm Syndrome was the perfect way to end the evening, along with the 'snow' of tissue paper and giant balloons filled with more balloons and red tickertape for the crowds enjoyment.

At the end of the show, Matt said 'We've been Muse, what can I say?, Merry Christmas!' For many, that was a great present, and for me my final gig of the year. What can I say? but Muse were simply great, and nice to see a British band on full power, enjoying performing, and making great music.

Danny Mayo



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