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Little King - Virus Divine

Little King - Virus DivineLittle King was formed by Ryan 'Little King' Rosoff in El Paso, Texas in 1996 and Virus Divine was released in 2005 on the Unicorn Digital label.  Though Unicorn is well known for its progressive-fusion signings the label has been expanding its catalogue to include progressive rock and, from first spin of this disc would suggest, quality indie rock.

First impressions can often be misguided and are not helped in this case by the opening track All I Need, which is good but fairly ordinary straightforward rock for the most part.  Well executed, easy to listen to, and a hint of prog at the end of verses.

Forget the first play of this disc.  Let me rant about the subsequent spins.

I donned the headphones for the second and subsequent plays and perhaps the shutting out of extraneous noise made all the difference but to me it was almost like listening to a different CD.

Narcissus And Echo opens the door to a neo prog landscape followed by Peacemaker - strong hints of the 70's with a 90's style. Perhaps there is a Rush element but also more than a suggestion of Citizen Cain as the album continues.

Virus Divine is a concept album (concept and prog seem to go hand in hand, (gland in gland... stop it!)). The album is based on the story of an anonymous man who is moved to change the world after watching news coverage of the Columbine High School tragedy.  Now we could, as the lyric suggests, argue aimlessly about the concept but musically it works well with strength in all corners from the participating musicians.

Given a cursory listen, this album could easily be lost among lesser works.  Lend it your ears for a couple of spins and you may begin to discover interesting subtleties.  The biggest surprise is that the eight tracks that make the album run to a total of just 36 minutes just like many an old vinyl LP but without the filler.

Jem Jedrzejewski

Little King

Unicorn Digital


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