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The Tiger Journals

When Dave Crosby called for a chat, I figured something was up.  There had been rumblings in some quarters that the town was crying out for a hit of the big rock and roll from yesteryear.

Dave and I, together with bassist Don Benson, had been the front line of what had been one of the biggest hard rock acts that Western Australia produced in the 80s and 90s, and it seems that twelve years had done nothing to dim the memories of our fans or our peers in the industry.

Dave’s younger brother Russell is now running a successful management company, and had been repeatedly offered increasingly good deals if he could convince his brother and his cronies to get back together for fun and profit. After a few phone calls and some emails, the decision was made to leak the word out to some local sources to see what initial reactions were to the idea of some reunion shows. Initial reactions ranged from delighted to enraptured, so it was clear that we had a clear run to staging one of the biggest local comebacks The West has seen this century – The return of Ice Tiger.

I know that only means five years, but it sounded pretty impressive, didn’t it?

A few meetings have taken place, and the publicity machinery is slowly starting to turn as the band members discuss how we are going to go about this. Gone are the days of just getting together for a jam. For one thing, our drummer now lives on the other side of the continent in Sydney, so dropping round for a cuppa is out of the question. We all have other commitments outside of the immediate band situation, so schedule juggling is going to be a necessary evil this time around. The word is officially out, both on the web and in local press, and the logistical nightmare that is staging rock shows is about to get underway.

As the whole thing comes together, I will be giving you a commentary of proceedings, so you can get an inside view of what happens in the weeks and months leading up to the events you all get to go and see. Hopefully, it will be a lot of fun for all of us!

Graham Greene

Ice Tiger as they were (click on thumbnail to see full size photo which opens in new window)




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