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Genesis In The Cage, Huntingdon Hall, Worcester, 3rd March 2007

Genesis in the Cage playing in an old chapel? The anecdote of ĎGenesis to Revelationí of being stacked in the religious section of a certain record store came to mind the moment I walked inside the Huntingdon Hall. This unusual venue might have character with organ, pulpit and pews, but I didnít really like it, It was a little oppressive.

The set was similar to that of the last few gigs, old and really old songs. What else!

The evening started with a brilliant Watcher of the Skies, a track that seems to have a feeling of suspense and anticipation, ideal as a first choice. The initial chords coming from Henryís (Henry Dagg - keys) Mellotron work as a cue alerting everyone that something very special is to follow.

Thanks to GITC I rediscovered Fountain of Salmacis some years ago, and since then it has become one of the tracks that Iím particularly looking forward to hear in their shows. It always sounds so good! I was delighted when I found out that it was included as a surprise on their CD.

Fountain of Salmacis was followed by Firth of Fifth and One for the Vine. I wouldnít call these tracks my favourites but Iím always pleased when I hear them.

It was during the first half that the audience were told off by Trevor (Trevor Garrard - lead vocals, percussion, costumes, masks and props). He wanted them to show a bit more how they were enjoying themselves. He was absolutely right! So far the crowd had been respectful yet timid. Trevorís speeches can be considered a mini-show in itself. He never fails to take fans by surprise with some of the stuff he comes up with. Itís impossible not to laugh.

Trevor announced Ripples and invited the crowd to join him. Afraid of forgetting the lyrics or a wish to get everyone involved? Judging by the response it was clear that everyone was more than happy to participate. It was a wonderful performance.

Before the break a treat came with Can-Utility and the Coastliners, the most recent addition to the set. The GITC repertoire is quite extensive as it is but itís their idea to keep bringing in old material from time to time. Harold the Barrel and, Mad Man Moon are other examples.

Cheers welcomed the announcement of the classic Lamb Stew (Lamb Lies Down, Fly on a Windshield, Broadway Melody '74, Carpet Crawl, Anyway and In the Cage). The whole selection was fantastic and a special mention goes to Trevor, his vocals during In the Cage were absolutely amazing, unbelievable. How he managed to sing that way Iíve no idea. More than one fan was concerned thinking that he might have strained his voice.

Knowing that GITC are taking part at the Genesis Convention 2007 in Glasgow Iím wondering if they will be allowed to play the Lamb Stew. Letís see what the organizers say this time.

Mad Man Moon, one of the songs that Genesis never performed live was next but not before the Ďbottlebanksí was mentioned (an instrument especially made by Henry that turns out to be something else for Pat (Patrick Heron - lead guitar, flute, backing vocals) to play (anything to keep him busy really!). Itís great to have the chance to hear this song, my only criticism is that at times the Ďbottlebanksí sound is too loud compare with the rest of the instruments.

The show was coming to an end, but with more than 20 minutes left there was still time for Supperís Ready. The performance was excellent; overwhelming Trevorís idea of using the pulpit (to rest during the instrumentals, conceal props and of course sing) was great. The visual effect was extraordinary and the fansí enthusiasm was unquestionable, they were all having a good time. While we were still recovering the band came back stage to play Los Endos. Captivating could be a way to describe it. Andy's (Andy Smith) drumming was impressive.

Unfortunately we werenít treated with the full light show. Apparently the band could only use what was already in the venue. I missed the greens, magentas and blues emerging silently at specific times with the only intention to emphasize the whole experience even more. What a difference it makes when it happens!

Thanks GITC for your dedication, time and everything else that involves putting such amazing shows.

Pia Matozza

Genesis In The Cage


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